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Do you need structure to finish up your EEBW externship? In the Equinology EEBW Boot Camp for Externship this is exactly what you get; mentorship and guidance! Have you practiced the routine but have trouble with the order of moves? You are not alone, many people have this issue (then to compound it, they freeze in front of the camera). In this course we will go over each section, one at a time. As you show accuracy, skill of application, good body mechanics and safety, you will pass that particular section during class. Get it done! If by chance you need to work on a particular section, you will be informed of this and will turn it in after a bit more practice once home again. Can’t find the time to do the second label session or not sure about your first one? No problem, we do one together during this course which is counted as one completion for your externship. If you have a previous one completed; is reviewed right then and there! You do need your simple functions too, so get started on those before class if not already done. Remember they only need to be simple functions; no more than 2 sentences each. Are you finding it difficult to organize the 2 gait evaluations? We will do video labs for this portion on the first 2 days so you can do your write up in the evenings and will pass this task if you follow the guidelines. The instructor watches the videos with you during class to help guide your eye. Are you still a bit hesitant on how to fill out the documentation for your case studies? We will go over this in class! Do these sound like the answers you have been looking for in order to get that EEBW qualification behind your name? If so, sign up. We are only taking 6 people at a time so everyone can have their own horse during the course which makes it easier to move through the routine and leave plenty of time to repeat the sections. Our full attention is on getting you qualified! If you still need to submit any documentation (for example you need to finish a few sessions of a case study) you will only need to turn in the required bits that are still outstanding and will be given a reasonable due date. From a recent participant:
“Deb was very generous in allowing a small class to review and tighten up the last bits of EQ100 externship. This was extremely helpful for myself because I have a very busy schedule and needed a little more structure to get it done. I was able to ask questions, and learn from the master herself in an intimate setting. This class refreshed my skill set and again proved to extremely helpful information and an invaluable addition to my practice. If you’re thinking of taking this class or to go with Equinology as a program in general, I highly recommend it to everyone.” Stef B.
While you do not need to have the EEBW routine memorized, you must be fairly comfortable with it. If not familiar or if it has been over two and a half years since you attended your EEBW course, instead, take the EQ106 review course. You must have started your case studies. You must also review the new externship narrated lectures prior to attending the course which will be provided with course registration.

Only those who have attended the course within 2.5 years are allowed to attend this workshop. You must first contact your instructor for your eligibility.

WHAT TO BRING: Any completed portions of your externship Your EEBW Workbook and Text If you like to do your write ups and documentation on your computer or notebook, please bring yours.
Coming soon!
Coming soon!