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Duration: 3 days

Join us for this 3-day course designed for those who have already successfully completed the foundation course or comparable basic course (CN3000 or CN4000 Parts A and B) with a strong anatomy background. Students learn advanced massage, bodywork, and stretching techniques and continue with comprehensive anatomy. Your externship for the foundation course does not need to be completed before attending. This knowledge base will enhance owners, trainers, caregivers, breeders, judges and canine body worker’s skills.
Learning Outcomes: After completing this course, the student will be able to
  • perform 15 new massage and bodywork techniques presented during class for the dog
  • list 7 new muscles within the canine system in addition to the muscles learned in the CN3000 Foundation Canine Body Worker Certification Course
  • perform 2 range of motion exercises and 4 stretches for the head and cervical region
  • perform 2 range of motion exercises and 5 stretches for the shoulder and thoracic limb
  • perform 5 stretches for the thoracic region
  • perform 2 range of motion and 5 stretches for the pelvic appendicular region
  • create and write a follow-up exercise program for the dog.
Course Activities and Presentation: This subject matter for this course is presented in a variety of mediums. The classroom lecture portions are usually followed by lab practicals in the classroom and on the subject (in this case the dog). The classroom lecture may be supported by visual aids (slides, PowerPoint, model, specimen or overheads) and discussion. The lab practical vary depending on the topic and can be supported by templates, labeling sessions, gait analysis sessions, muscle and surface anatomy identification and practical hands-on. Independent additional study activities are required in the evenings. This study will be evaluated through self-assessments and quizzes. Should you have any specific requirements or needs, please discuss this with the Director of Operations, Mr. Paul Hougard so we can address your needs and prepare the instructor prior to the course. Class Outline:
  • Advanced massage and bodywork application and techniques
  • Additional stretching for specific muscle groups
  • Supplemental range of motion exercises
  • Targeting sport and breed specific issues and concerns
  • Gait analysis guidelines
  • Conformation guideline
  • Locating palpation points for a conformation assessment
  • Causes and symptoms of the irregular gait
  • Subjective analysis of conformation: Limb deviations, rotations, and determination of symmetry
  • Basic anatomy and terminology
  • Preventing lameness
  • Stay Apparatus: structure, function, and palpation
  • CN3000 or CN4000 Parts A and B
  • A strong anatomy background
Coming soon!
Coming soon!