Date: Ongoing via Distance Learning

Cost: US$95

Duration: Approx 100 hours

This course is fashioned after our successful EQ50 Equine Anatomy Pre-Course Distance Study course. If you are planning on attending our signature CN3000 Caninology® Canine Body Worker (CCBW) Certification Course this is required pre-course study to prepare you for the certification course.

We are very excited about this course which was rewritten in 2018 by several veterinarians and Caninology CEO, Debranne Pattillo. We have fresh new illustrations to support the new manual which is over 145 pages. The illustrator, Rachel Walker has provided more canine muscle layers than most published anatomy books. We believe this new format and material will give this course the same success as our equine version.

Who should take this course? Dog owners, sport competitors, working dog owners, trainers, caregivers, groomers, bodyworkers, breeders, veterinarian technicians and assistants, physical therapists, kennel owners, pet sitters and anyone in the health care industry who would like to expand their current knowledge. Lay down the bones and learn those layers of muscles as well as veterinary anatomy! Understand what it means if someone says they are flexing or extending a joint or if they are abducting a limb. If you are serious about continuing on to learn bodywork as a professional, you need the lingo if you want to play with the big kids.

You will find it beneficial for any bodywork approach, biomechanics, lameness, grooming, conditioning or stretching course or workshop you plan to attend now or in the future. Get your head start now. This online course is now open to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of veterinary terminology, behavior and the musculoskeletal system of the dog. You will also find it very helpful if taking courses from any program including Caninology courses in anatomy, neurology, biomechanics and any other modality for dogs.

Signing up for this course now allows you the luxury of studying well ahead of time if you intend to take courses in the future, or if you are looking for a review. With the expanded CN3005 course, we have determined it takes around 100 hours to complete.

  • Canine communication and behavior
  • Dog handling
  • Veterinary and anatomy terminology
  • Directional terms
  • Bony landmarks and surface markings
  • Skeletal system
  • Joints
  • Movement and the canine muscular system.
Participants must be at least 18 years old to register for this course, and must be a high school graduate or have high school equivalency reading skills. Those who are not high school graduates need to take and document the passing of an“Ability to Benefit” test. Please contact to request the test.

*This course is required for the CCBW certification. While the exam does not need to be completed prior to attending the CN3000, you must be extremely familiar with the skeletal system.

Required Text:
The complete 145-page course manual is sent via WeTransfer to download directly to your computer to save or print.

Additional Requirements:
A computer and internet access is required for students to download the text and documents delivered via WeTransfer as well as view suggested links and videos. There are Additional Learning Activities within the manual which are required components of the course, not optional. While a Facebook account is not required, students have the opportunity to access the same documents on the Facebook group established specifically for this course.

This is a self-guided online course – no instructor is assigned.