Years ago, I was captivated by a piece of equine artwork which featured in office scenes in a American TV legal series, it became a bit of an obsession. It took a long time to track the Artist down, via Los Angeles, all the way back to Hampshire in the UK. I then made contact with Amy, and one of the proudest moments when we opened our Farm facilities in 2014, was hanging the three of her beautiful prints my family had bought from the UK for me. An opening ceremony of sorts.
Amy continues adding to her list of awards, achievements and contributions to the Equine Art world.
Through different mediums: drawings, inks, paintings through to life size sculpture in bronze or welded steel, she always captures the majesty, movement, character and the physical structure of the horse, and also some beloved dogs. Amy’s work truly reflects the depth of our relationship with these beautiful creatures.
Through the different equine and canine wellness modalities, as well as specific healthcare related courses and studies EquiCanis offers, our goal is to help students to maintain and enhance those same attributes Amy captures, with the equines and canines they work with.
I am very grateful to Amy for letting us use some examples of her work for EquiCanis Africa, I hope you appreciate it as I do, and that it inspires you on your own journey of learning and application of equine and canine healthcare sciences.
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