Thank you for your interest regarding courses and studies with Equinology® and Caninology® Inc. These studies are no longer offered through EquiworkSA.

EquiCanis Africa now has exclusive the rights to provide Equinology® Inc’s internationally recognised courses and accredited certifications in South Africa. EquiCanis Africa, which will facilitate both equine and canine health care training and career development courses. We have set up a new company and are building an infrastructure to support the business, the courses and I students.

As you may know, Megan Kanz, owner of EquiworkSA moved overseas several years ago. This has understandably meant she is unable to dedicate the time and resources she would like, to maintain the EquiworkSA program in South Africa. Subsequently there has been little ongoing activity and support regarding previous courses.

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If you have any outstanding business with EquiworkSA please contact us –

Of course, I am a huge fan of Debranne Pattillo MEEBW, who founded Equinology® Inc in the US over 20 years ago. Debranne is an innovator and exceptional mentor to the many, many students across the world, as well as to the few country specific ‘Sister’ companies she allows to exclusively facilitate Equinology® Inc. courses and Certifications. One of which EquiCanis is now privileged to become.

We are lucky enough to have our own beautiful farm and facility in Hermanus, Western Cape, The Hemel en Aarde Farm . This will be the main venue for the program.

Our objective with EquiCanis is to create a Centre of Excellence and Learning for those passionate about equine and canine health care sciences and wellness modalities.

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Register on this site, look at our facebook page or email for more information including research, news, on all the courses on offer, corresponding course dates and registration.

Please bear with us, there is a lot of work to do to get a regular course and a progressive certification program running, but I can promise we will put everything we have behind it, including support for those studying, marketing and professional representation.

We would appreciate feedback on what you would like to study here in South Africa – Please also feel free to contact me directly.

Best wishes, thanks for your interest and hopefully, your support in the future.

Jo Smith EEBW – April 2017


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The Equinology® Inc program is supported and presented by some of the most respected specialists and veterinarians in the equine and canine health and wellness fields, from across the World. Courses are internationally accredited and study is in- depth, science led, constantly evolving and flexible in how you achieve your goals from it.

I became an Equinology® Equine Body Worker in 2015 and found both the online distance study, the intensive onsite course and the subsequent multi-faceted externship an incredibly rewarding journey, for myself and my horses.  My studies with Equinology allowed me to turn my passion into my profession.  I value my EEBW Certification highly and have been desperate for more SA based Equinology Courses to further my knowledge and qualifications. Equine Myofascial (MFR) Release is top of my personal preference list and so am delighted to be facilitating these courses in April 2018, both equine and canine.

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EquiCanis will offer news, research, courses, study materials, venue, accommodation and transport, and we are keen to develop more externship support – all in one bundle, to enable you to achieve your goals under one roof.

It will take time to get a full course program set up, as most of the lecturers are at the top of their respective fields and are based in the US and Europe, so are booked many months in advance. But top international courses are already scheduled. Click here to see courses.

Over the coming months, we will also be scheduling more short, specific courses to ensure we can offer something for everyone whilst we get EquiCanis Africa more established