Equinology®: Horse, Saddle and Rider Interaction: The Principles of Saddle Fitting : EQ700SA


Course Features

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Category:
  • Externship: Yes
  • Venue: HEA Farm
  • Language: English
  • Course Capacity: 14
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: beginner
  • Start Course: 24-02-2020

More Information

The Equinology® Horse, Saddle and  Fit for Equine Health Care Professionals is an evidence-based approach designed to improve the knowledge and skills of equine health care practitioners, saddle fitters, coaches, riders and owners.  The course imparts independent and scientifically referenced information, there is no partisan or slant to type, make or genre of saddle or related ‘practices’.

You will learn skills and tools to assess and fit saddles to both the horse and the rider.
In addition to learning how to fit the saddle correctly for horse and rider, Dr. Bondi will also address common saddle fitting problems for the existing saddle by offering ideal, existing, and temporary solutions and when these solutions are applicable (or not!).
Students will have an opportunity to do a full saddle fit evaluation with the riders up.
This ability to assess, measure and evaluate the saddle fit will enhance the skills of anyone involved with horses, not to mention make a large contribution to better overall care of the horse.

Fee: R21,950* Early Bird Discount available – please contact us for details
Dates : 24-27th February 2020
Instructor: Dr Anne Bondi BHSI

During an intensive and interactive 4 days you will learn not only how to fit the saddle correctly, for both the horse and the rider, but leave armed with an abundance of skills to address common saddle fitting problems.

The course is suited to anyone who is already in the Equine Health industry (equine body workers, physiotherapists, veterinarians, chiropractors, farriers/trimmers, dentists), or those who simply have an interest in learning how to saddle fit for their own horses and avoid being sucked into the latest fads and trends with no valid reason.

Who is this course for?
Horse owners, carers, riders, competitors, coaches, judges and trainers
Anyone already in the equine health care industry: equine vets, body workers, physios, chiros, behaviourists, dentists, trimmers, farriers, saddlery & tack shop owners
Anyone who has an interest in learning how to correctly fit a saddle to horse and rider. ​

Our Instructor is Dr Anne Bondi, Director of the UK based Saddle Research Trust (SRT), an independent charitable organisation that was established to lead and support research in to the influence of saddles on the welfare, performance and safety of horses and riders using scientific and objective methods.

For more info please visit: The Saddle Research Trust
Saddle Research Trust

Dr Bondi presents an engaging, independent and practical course steeped in an abundance of research to support the course content. The course includes slides, examples of trees, pads, saddles, measuring devices, templates, demonstrations and a variety of horses with saddle fitting issues with plenty of research to support the course information.

The classroom theory sessions incorporate audio visual resources that explain course concepts which are then followed by practical sessions to demonstrate the theory, test the validity and gain hands-on practical experience.

Dr Bondi concentrates on a variety of English saddles, but many of these concepts can be applied to other styles such as Western Saddles.

Course Overview

All of the following topics are included in this class –

• Saddle design: history, innovations & alternatives
• Saddle assessment: design, safety & condition
• Saddle fitting criteria
• Assessing the horse
• Back measurements
• Assessing the rider
• Horse, saddle and rider interaction
• Clinical Reasoning: Saddle fitting assessment teams
• Saddle testing demonstrations
• Saddle testing teams
• Saddle Fitting Interventions and Their Effects
• Demo – effect of interventions
• Clinical Reasoning: Intervention teams

This subject matter for this course is presented in a variety of mediums and is aimed to be highly interactive. Through a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on practical sessions students will be presented with the information in a variety of approaches.

Theory sessions using a wide range of images and video that explain concepts are followed by practical sessions that demonstrate those concepts, test them and allow opportunities to gain hands-on practice.
Volunteer students are invited to make ridden assessments (exceptions: horse weight limit, rider injury or insufficient riding experience).
Independent additional study activities are required in the evening. This study will be evaluated through self assessments and quizzes.

This course is a required module for the Equinology® Equine Body Worker Level III Certification Program. For certificates of achievement (certification) please go to: https://equinology.com/equinology-equine-body-worker-qualifications-levels-1-3/
To obtain the EEBW III Certification you must have completed the EEBW II certification first (courses can be taken in any order). If you are just starting out you can attend this as your first course.

Should you have any specific requirements or needs please inform us (admin@equicais.com), so we can address your needs and prepare your Instructor prior to the course.

Students attend class daily 8am – 5:30 pm for 4 days and have one hour allowed for lunch. Plus morning and afternoon breaks. Each day of class will have an additional evening studies.

For this course there are 50 hours of guided study (case studies and extra learning activities) once the
student leaves the class. Please note there is an additional fee for grading your externship.

Includes course hand-outs, supplies. It does not include accommodation or lunch. Snacks and hot & cool drinks are provided during breaks. A fridge and microwave are available.

An additional charge of R1,000 is payable for the Grading of your Externship.

Students new to the field are welcome to participate. We recommend participants be comfortable handling and working around horses, can pick up the limbs and are aware of the safety of yourself, those around you and the animal you are working with.
Knowledge of veterinary vocabulary and some anatomy is suggested but not required. This class is suitable for those just beginning their studies.
The EQ50: Pre-course Distance Equine Anatomy Course is a suggested (but not required) pre course option for students with limited anatomy knowledge. This pre-course equine anatomy study guide costs $95 and is an online course. You can find those details by going to: Equine Anatomy EQ50

Required Text:
• The Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman, DVM

• The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion by Pilliner, Elmhurst and Davies
• Recognising the Horse in Pain by Dr. Joanna Robson
• Saddle Fitting A to Z: DVD by Dr. Kerry Ridgway

Anne Bondi
Pain in the Neck
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Click here to download our free PDF. Try it out and see the benefits for yourself (and your horse). If you want to learn more have a look at our range of Courses in September and October 2017, presented by Equinology Founder and President Debranne Pattillo.

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