Caninology®: Canine Massage and Body Work for Owners, Trainers and Carers CN75SA


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Course Features

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Category:
  • Externship: No
  • Venue: HEA Farm
  • Language: English
  • Course Capacity: 14
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: beginner
  • Start Course: 04-03-2021

More Information

Join us for this unique 2-day Canine Massage and Body Work course led by leading Italian Veterinarian and EquiCanis favourite, Dr. Mila Speciani DMV.

This exceptional course is another first for South Africa, and is a unique opportunity for those of you who love and care for dogs and want to learn and do more for them. Also, anyone involved in the care and welfare of canines, whether owners, carers, training, breeding, rehabilitation, maintenance or treatment of injury.

While this course is billed as an Introduction Canine Massage and Body Work course, you will find that it offers more information than many massage workshops. This course is appropriate for a variety of individuals.
For those considering working professionally in the field of canine body work, it provides an in-depth overview as to what is really involved. Although the course is not required to participate in our Caninology Canine Body Worker Certification courses, it will prove beneficial head start to those participants who plan to continue onto the certification course.

Dog owners and carers will benefit not only by learning the techniques but will also learn how to utilize body work as a regular assessment of their dog’s condition. Trainers and breeders will find that these techniques will help dogs in their care especially as these dogs advance in their training.

Overall, the dog is the winner with improved health care, performance, comfort and communication with his caregiver

Fee: R9,950*Early Bird Discount available - please contact us for details
Dates : 4th - 6th March 2021
Instructor: Dr Mila Speciani DMV Early Birds - 3 Months before Course (by December 4, 2020) 10% Discounts Deposits must be paid 2 Months before Course


R 600.00 per person per night, breakfast included.

Three people will be placed in a three bedroom apartment and two people will be placed in the two bedroom apartments, each with your own bathroom.

Whale Coast Hotel Hermanus.

This quote from Whale Coast Hotel is excellent – They are a  Four Star Hotel in the center of Hermanus.

We would prefer that everyone will use this offer for the following reasons:

  • Much easier when it comes to organizing of transport from accommodation to Hemel & Aarde Farm and back. Please let me know who will be using their own cars / own rentals. The Shuttle Service of the Hotel will be organized for those who will not have their own transport.
  • Whale Coast Hotel is giving their conference room at no extra costs for the hours that you have to study together.
  • We at EquiCanis Africa will know that you are going to be taken very good care off – I was once a Manager there and the owner and Head Manager are well known to me.
Who is this course for?
• Owners, breeders, carers, welfare professionals, sport dog competitors and trainers who would like to learn more about their dogs and offer this modality on a regular basis
• Individuals who are planning to attend a certification course; it’s a great way to get a head start
• Participants from other programs who would like to utilize the Caninology® Approach to Canine Body Work.

We are privileged the CN75A course will be presented by Dr. Mila Speciani, Veterinarian, Equinology Equine Body Worker®. Dr Mila is a lively and passionate teacher who engages her class totally. She makes it fun too!
Dr. Mila has a unique combination of professional experience and qualifications and lives in and works across Northern Italy. Dr Mila is responsible for revamped Caninology® Canine Work Course and materials, being rolled out Internationally in 2019 (here in South Africa 17-25 July 2019).
In addition, Dr. Speciani is an instructor and lecturer for world renowned institutions, for who regularly teaches courses and seminars, and has published peer reviewed articles concerning her scientific areas of expertise.
The majority of her daily practice includes dogs and horses and she integrates natural medicine, sports medicine, natural management and sympathetic training methods, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation in order to provide health and wellness to animal athletes and companions.

Course Overview

This Canine Massage and Body Work Course will offer our unique blend of canine sports massage, soft tissue release and stretching. The classes presented with loads of hands-on practical experience, specimens and multimedia illustrations and video clips. You will also receive a course manual to support the techniques demonstrated.

Learning the techniques properly is not the only important aspect of canine massage. Body mechanics need to be considered for effective bodywork. Proper handling of the dog is essential. It does not do an individual any good if they learn to massage but then find they cannot continue because it is uncomfortable or painful to apply the techniques. Some applications have to be adapted to accommodate individuals and their dogs. Correct body mechanics and safe bodywork techniques are strongly emphasized throughout the Caninology program.

During the 2 days you will learn an extensive range of evaluation and practical hands-on skills and tools:
• Locating the surface anatomy
• Muscles addressed during the session
• Common areas of stress
• Encouraging communication and interaction during the session
• Differentiating between normal and pain responses
• Massage and bodywork techniques
• Stretching
• Correct and effective body mechanics
• Improving your eye for gait and conformation assessment.

This subject matter for this course is presented in a variety of mediums and is aimed to be highly interactive. Through a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on practical sessions students will be presented with the information in a variety of approaches using specimens, live dogs, slides, diagrams and video.
The practical sessions vary depending on the topic and can be supported by templates, labelling sessions, gait analysis sessions, muscle and surface anatomy identification and practical hands-on.

Please note this is not a certification course and will not give you a qualification to practice professionally.   For more information on our Certification course please click HERE.

Attending the CN75SA also offers you a R1,000 discount voucher on any of the EquiCanis CCBW Certification Courses, valid for one year.

Should you have any specific requirements or needs please inform us (, so we can address your needs and prepare your Instructor prior to the course.

Students attend class daily 8:30 am – 4:30 pm for 2 days, with half hour allocated for lunch, plus morning and afternoon breaks.

Includes course hand-outs and supplies. It does not include accommodation or lunch. Snacks and hot & cool drinks are provided during breaks. A fridge and microwave are available.

Although not a formal prerequisite: We recommend participants be comfortable handling and working around dogs, can move the limbs and are aware of the safety of yourself, those around you and the animal you are working with.
Suggestions for prior and/or further studies: Although not required for this particular course, individuals may find the Caninology Online Canine Anatomy and Behavior Course Distance Study helpful. The CN3005 course is the required precourse study for our Caninology Canine Body Worker Certification Courses. Course details can be found HERE

You do not need to have detailed anatomical knowledge for this particular course, but if you want to learn more you could obtain a copy of a good canine anatomy book – the ones with lots of coloured pictures are best! There are also lots of websites and apps that are useful learning tools.

If you want to learn more we suggest:
The Dog Anatomy Workbook – A Guide to the Canine Body. Maggie Raynor & Andrew Gardiner.

Dr Mila Speciani
Pain in the Neck
Download Free Resource
Click here to download our free PDF. Try it out and see the benefits for yourself (and your horse). If you want to learn more have a look at our range of Courses in September and October 2017, presented by Equinology Founder and President Debranne Pattillo.