Caninology®: Canine Anatomy and Behavior Pre-Course Distance Study: CN3005

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  • Venue: HEA Farm
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  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: beginner
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More Information

This course is fashioned after our successful EQ50 Equine Anatomy Pre-Course Distance Study course. If you are planning on attending our signature CN3000 Canine Body Worker ® Certification course this is required pre-course study to prepare you for the certification course.

This online course is now open to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of veterinary terminology, behaviour and the musculoskeletal system of the dog.  You will also find it very helpful if taking courses from any program including Caninology courses in anatomy, neurology, biomechanics and any other modality for dogs.

Signing up for this course now allows you the luxury of studying well ahead of time if you intend to take courses in the future, or if you are looking for a review. With the expanded CN3005 course, we have determined it takes around 100 hours to complete

Learning Outcomes:

Canine communication and behaviour, veterinary and anatomy terminology, directional terms, bony landmarks and surface markings, skeletal system, joints and movement and the canine muscular system

Additional learning activities can be found on the Private Canine Anatomy Facebook group site which is limited to registered students. These Additional Learning Activities are required components of the course, not optional. If you do not complete them you will miss a good deal of the course. Once you are registered you will be sent an invitation to the group.

You will be able to talk among yourselves in the group and also ask questions. Debranne Pattillo and Caninology Instructors will be monitoring the group should you have any questions directly in regards to the course material.

This is a self paced group. There is no need to be in front of a computer at a scheduled time and you have one year from the date of registration to request the exam. When you complete the course an exam will be emailed to you. No worries! You have 3 attempts to pass.

Please note: you do not have to finish the CN3005 to attend the CCBW course, but you must be extremely familiar with veterinary terminology and the skeletal system.  The more you know in advance the more you will get out of your onsite courses.

Price : $95 per person

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