Set up in January 2017, EquiCanis Africa facilitates studies and courses relating to a wide range of equine and canine health care sciences and wellness related subjects and modalities. Our mission is to create careers and expand professionalism, skills and knowledge for those that work with and those who own equines and canines.

We offer Internationally Accredited courses and Professional Certifications, lectured by World-renowned veterinarians and specialists. Also, equine and canine related education through workshops, seminars and courses presented by South African professionals and institutions.

EquiCanis is proud to have the exclusive rights to facilitate globally respected Equinology® and Caninology® Inc Studies, Courses and Certifications in South Africa.

Hemel and Aarde Farm
Our Equine Retreat provides the ideal environment for horses that would benefit from some rest, combined with a very high level of care and attention. We offer an idyllic setting for some intensive rest, recuperation or repair, with plenty of care...
2018 Course Calendar

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Based at our Farm in Hermanus, Western Cape , we are creating a Centre of Excellence and Learning for those passionate about equine and canine health care sciences and wellness modalities.
Our program will be constantly growing and evolving, so check in regularly or register for updates. Also LIKE our Facebook page for news, research and course information. Please give us feedback on what subjects or courses you would like us to present.

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Begins Nov 12, 2018
We urge you to compare programs with other Institutions before taking this enormous step in the direction of your future profession and learn more about the Equinology® Approach.
How do the courses work?

We offer online and onsite courses, plus guided externships and ongoing support make our studies accessible and achievable for everyone. Study is in-depth, science led, constantly evolving and flexible in how you achieve your personal and career goals. Tailored to suit your ambitions and work within your lifestyle and time restraints
We will be announcing a series of equine and canine courses throughout 2017. We are designing the program so there a range of subjects at different levels, aimed at:

People wishing to turn their passion for equines and canines into their profession, by gaining an Internationally Accredited Certification
Those already working in the animal healthcare field and professionals already Certified as Equinology or Caninology Bodyworkers, to both widen and deepen their skills and knowledge
Owners who want to learn more about their equines and canines or often just in order to benefit their own animals.

You can choose what subjects and depth of study suits you – from Foundation Level Certification through to Master Equinology® Equine Body Worker.  Or if you are an existing Equine or Canine Professional, join us for courses that compliment your career path or development.

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Scheduled SA Courses

We have been blown away by the amazing feedback from the students that attended our Canine and Equine Courses in 2017, and the future course requests of this diverse group, which included dog and horse lovers through to full time practitioners, all wanting to learn more.

For this reason we are have already added several new equine and canine courses to our program in 2018, all lectured by World Class experts in their field. All adhering to the exceptional international standards and science and research backed content of Equinology and Caninology studies and courses. More will be added shortly.

Naturally there will be the signature Canine (CN3000SA) and Equine Certification (EQ100SA) Courses for those wishing to join the Massage and Body Work profession or add this in depth and hands on modality to their current work.  Courses are also being planned for owners and trainers – our entry level courses are not for the feint hearted – this 3-day course always exceeds expectations.

We will also be presenting several courses on some ground-breaking subjects, as well as more advanced level courses. These will allow existing Body Workers and Therapists to further their qualifications and may also be suited for those eligible and already working in the Industry wanting to expand their skills and knowledge.

For a full list of scheduled courses – check in at our Equine and Canine course pages.

And there will be more to come in 2019 – our foundations will be well established by then.

Course Options

Our curriculum will constantly evolve and expand over time, with a fuller program in 2018 and beyond. Visit the COURSES for details of all pre-course studies, equine, canine and online courses currently in our program.

If there are courses not listed that you would like to see, tell us what you want to study. We want to design a program around you.  A full list is available on www.equinology.com

Featured Courses
Course begins April 2018
Those already certified in equine sports massage or other complementary therapies will find that this dynamic modality fits in well with their work, adding a new dimension to it. Practitioners discover wonderful results when integrating these techniques into an existing routine.
Course begins April 2018
This dynamic course is very different from the Equine MFR I course. In the MFR I course where emphasize is placed on the use of the right brain for listening to the body and using intuition, in the MFR II course students will be using the left brain to investigate the possible causes of certain restrictions. Additionally, the course will cover specific rehabilitation situations. This is a three-day course and will run on from the Equine Level I MFR course.
Course begins Nov 2018
Join us for our Internationally recognised Equinology® Equine Body Worker (EEBW) Certification Course. Our signature course offers a unique blend of equine sports massage, soft tissue release, stretching and point therapy, all anatomically referenced. If you are serious about working with equines professionally, then this is the course for you. Students learn from the best in the field over 9 intensive days and then complete a 120 hr guided externship before being awarded their EEBW Certification.
Course begins July 2018
This three-day course is appropriate for a variety of individuals, from new horse owners, competitive riders, yard managers and grooms through to experienced experts such as saddle fitters, trainers and veterinary professionals wishing to understand more about the maintenance and wellbeing of equines they work with. For those considering working professionally in the field of equine body work, it provides an in-depth overview as to what is really involved.

Why Massage?

Why equine and canine massage makes sense
Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of hands-on techniques, long recognized for increasing circulation and range of motion as well as for improving the horse’s stamina and overall performance.
Relieves Muscle Spasms
It also relieves muscle spasm and tension and enhances muscle tone. Overuse, over-stretching and overloading of muscles can cause tissue lesions which can restrict motion and create pain. The same applies to our canine friends.
Focus on Anatomy
The programme differs from others in that we emphasise a strong background in anatomy to give students the ability to effectively locate and address soft-tissue restrictions that affect movement and performance.
Therapeutic Methods
The goal of the Equinology® Equine and Caninology® Canine Body Worker programmes is to teach the student how to locate these restrictions and break them up through the application of various therapeutic methods and soft-tissue release techniques.